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Countries and cities

Section created to countrymen can freely communicate with each other, make new friends, share useful information, adapt to life in a new country, but do not lose connection with their homeland.


  1. Ukrainians in the world

    Part of Ukrainian Transcarpathia diaspora around the world. As Ukrainian organized as live as they perceive the place of their cultural, religious life, etc.

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  2. Migrant workers and immigrants

    Section of the Ukrainian workers and immigrants from the Transcarpathia in different parts of the world. As Ukrainians are organized as looking for work abroad, where they live, how they perceive local, about their lives, etc.

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  3. USA

    Discussion of issues relating to life in the United States, higher education and the study of English language schools in the United States. Discuss options for immigration to the US immigration Green Card through reunification and immigration laws of the country. The procedure for obtaining a visa to the US. Youth programs in the US. Sharing experiences of employment and business in the US.

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  4. Canada

    Discussions regarding life in Canada, higher education in Canada and learn English in Canada. Discuss options for immigration to Canada, order a visa to Canada. Sharing experiences of employment and business in Canada

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  5. Czech Republic

    All questions concerning the Czech Republic, advise and share our experience! Higher education and language courses in the Czech Republic. Business emigration to the Czech Republic. Visas. Obtaining permanent residency and citizenship. Job search and business opportunity. Buying and renting real estate in the Czech Republic.

  6. Slovakia

    We discuss all issues in Slovakia. Business - emigration to Slovakia. Visa, obtaining permanent residence and citizenship of Slovakia. Education in Slovakia and uniqueness of higher education in Slovakia. Job search and employment in Slovakia.

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  7. Hungary

    We discuss all issues concerning life in Hungary. Communicate on higher education in Hungary and immigrated to Hungary visa to Hungary and Hungarian passport. Sharing experiences of employment and business in Hungary.

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